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                                                                                                              Dustless Blasting by MMLJ    



          Dustless Blasting utilizes water to encapsulate the recycled glass media, then the coating,                  resulting in the coating being removed and the surface profiled, without sparks, without warping,         

   and without dust. Surface is perfect and ready to be primed.

              NO Sanding  NO Warping  NO Rust  NO Dust
















                          As seen on My Classic Car, Dustless Blasting, we are using it today.        




       HoldTight 102

      HoldTight 102 is a rust inhibitor that prevents rust by actually cleaning the metal! It fully removes all salts and

     other contaminants leaving you with a premium level of cleanliness!

     Promoted by the major coating manufacturers.

      Click on the link below to find out more about Hold Tight 102.