Graffiti Removal

Remove Graffiti for Good!
Whether you're looking for information about our successful graffiti removal solutions, curious about the impact of tagging on your neighborhood or just want a few tips on how to protect your community from vandalism, SodaBlast Systems has all the experts, resources and tools to answer your questions. We can also help you locate one of our trained, certified and experienced sodablasting contractors to handle your graffiti removal job today.

Graffiti - also known as tagging and street art - is an ugly form of vandalism that drives down business revenue, damages citizen morale and lowers property values. It promotes crime and blight and sends a damaging message to the community that nobody cares. SodaBlast Systems is passionate about working with contractors, city officials and business leaders around the nation to remove it as quickly as possible to restore the property to its original condition.


Eco-Friendly & Efficient
SodaBlast Systems offers the easiest, safest and most affordable graffiti removal service available to cities, businesses and schools in the nation. Our mission is simple: help national and local agencies, business owners, school officials and community leaders fight the war on graffiti by removing once and for all. eco-friendly-and-efficient Our gentle process restores most surfaces back to its original condition. Typically when you remove graffiti, you can tell where it was even after the job is finished.

Soda blasting eliminates all signs of tagging without harming the original paint by simply adjusting the amount of pressure we apply to the surface. SodaBlast Systems uses FDA-approved, water-soluble, non-destructive sodium bicarbonate to eliminate paint from a variety of surfaces, including brick, concrete, metal, stucco, wood and more!

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