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A second chance at the first paint job of your car

SodaBlasting Service
R & D Services Inc. is pleased to announce that it is now offering SodaBlasting. A new service for vehicle paint stripping. Paint stripping just got a whole lot easier.

Take a look at the June 2006 issue of Hot Rod Magazine feature article "How to Strip Paint" by SodaBlasting.

Quick & Easy SodaBlasting Paint Stripping Technology

  • The easiest and safest method of removing paint for car restorations.
  • Cuts costs and time to 1/3 from other conventional methods of paint stripping.
  • Will not scratch or etch metal, but will remove all the paint.
  • Will return the original condition of the factory metal.
  • Will not scratch chrome or warp panels.
  • No need to mask glass or rubber.
  • Can strip wheels, panels or the entire car.

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Please remember we have no idea what is under the paint either, so we are not responsible for bad patches, or whatever we uncover.